Job Title:
Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Salary based on experience & skill set.

Full Time

Probation Period:
2 Months

Start Date:
Q3-Q4 2023


  • Work From Home
  • Flexible Schedule for Work/Life Balance
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 401k with Variable Match
  • 70% Medical Coverage (Available after 2 months)
  • 70% Dental Coverage (Available after 2 months)
  • Gym & Health Reimbursement
  • Short/Long Term Disability
  • Expense & Equipment Reimbursement
  • Continuing Education

Why this position exists

The Senior Full-Stack Engineer brings experience, creativity, and added stability to the existing team of SM2 Engineers. Providing valuable resources and solutions to our Chief Technology Officer in order to help grow our ability to service our clients at an enterprise level. Our continued growth as a company requires a full time position to aid in the planning and execution of highly complex integrations, API development, headless CMS development, and R&D.

Role Breakdown:

  • 45% – API/Back End Development
  • 25% – Deployment/Pipelines/Third party integrations
  • 10% – Front End Development
  • 10% – Documentation
  • 10% – R&D

How success is achieved by this position:

  • Supporting our CTO by being mindful of timelines, development debt, and resource allocation.
  • Being organized and attentive to correspondence on all assigned projects.
  • Responding to project managers, the CEO and CTO, with informed and helpful next steps and answers.
  • Being open to learning new technologies and growing your knowledge base to best fit SM2 and our clients.
  • Providing well-timed and informed pushback when appropriate, along with creative solutions.
  • Recognizing opportunities to increase productivity and willingness to share ideas and take initiative and risks to improve SM2’s processes and services.
  • Always working as a team and realizing that organized collaboration is the only way SM2 can continue to succeed

Goals to be achieved

We set goals for our new hires to assure they understand what is expect of them over the course of their first year. Joining our team means you have a willingness to learn, explore and collaborate.

1 Month

  • Become familiar with terminology and increase technical knowledge around languages and platforms used by SM2.
  • Become familiar with upcoming and ongoing projects and clients.
  • Gain an understanding of the digital tools SM2 uses for day-to-day business.
  • Begin establishing ideas on how your previous experience can be best used to add value to the SM2 team.

2 Months

  • Begin sitting in on client meetings with the CTO, TPM, and/or CEO.
  • Own portions of existing projects, help SM2 engineers and PMs evaluate new projects.
  • Present ideas on how your previous experience can be best used to add value to the SM2 team.

4 Months

  • Complete integration into SM2 Processes, including the ability to accurately quote timelines and budgets for your portion of projects.
  • Able to own project tasks, manage timelines, and provide detailed updates information to PM’s.

6 Months

  • Full comfortability with speaking to SM2 Project Managers and understanding the technology needed to achieve their goals.
  • Able to own entire project, manage timelines, and provide detailed updates information to PM’s.

Work & behavioral requirements

  • Organizational Skills
  • Open, transparent, and helpful communication.
  • Ability to create a clean and well noted code base.
  • Ability to work as a team in a virtual teamwork setting.
  • Confidence in decision making and ability to recognize opportunity.
  • Ability to back up ideas with clear research and reason.
  • Willingness to continue learning for the length of employment.

Your daily tasks will include

SM2 is a small team with big expectations that we deliver on for all of our clients. We each have an understanding of what our “job” is, but more importantly we understand the need to support each other and perform tasks whether it is part of our job description or not. The following daily tasks should be expected but are not limited to:

  • Development & Implementation
  • Code Reviews, Testing & QA
  • Team correspondence
  • Time Management System Reporting
  • Task Management with in Jira/Asana
  • Ideation and implementation of improved processes

Skill set & experience

We are looking for a confident full-stack engineer with 5-10+ years of experience. Knowledge of or experience with the following is a requirement:

  • Languages
    • Typescript
    • Javascript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • GraphQL
  • Frameworks/Platforms
    • React
    • NextJS
    • NestJS
    • Kubernetes
    • Docker
    • ElasticSearch
    • AWS
    • Databases
    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL
  • Services & Software
    • Jira
    • Github/Bitbucket
    • Postman
    • VS Code
  • Other
    • CI/CD
    • Git

Preferred Experience

  • Languages
    • Dart
    • Kotlin/Java
    • Swift/Objective C
    • Python
  • Frameworks/Platforms
    • Angular
    • Flutter
    • AEM
  • Services & Software
    • Slack
    • Tower
  • Other
    • Agency Experience
    • Healthcare/Pharma Experience

Helpful Experience

  • Languages
    • PHP
  • Platforms
    • WordPress
    • Sitecore
    • Magnolia
    • Svelte
  • Databases
    • MySQL
  • Services & Software
    • Adobe Products
    • Asana
    • Harvest
  • Other
    • Work from home

About SM2 Dev

SM2 Dev is a web and mobile app development agency based in Saratoga Springs, NY with team members located across the US. We develop and design websites, mobile apps, and online experiences for both local and Fortune 500 companies. Over the past 20 years in business we’ve built a community of clients and opportunities that allow us to grow the scale and sophistication of our projects without sacrificing quality and while keeping our team extremely agile.

Our virtual office is made up of passionate and supportive individuals who continue to learn with the evolution of technology. Although team members are expected to be available during normal work hours, we provide flexible schedules and open communication to help improve work/life balance. Team members are encouraged to take time out of their day for breaks, exercise/gym, personal appointments and continued education.

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